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24 Hour Distribution is the Digital Music solution for independent artists who want to be their own record label.

Through our partnerships with The Orchard, Amazon, and MVD, we deliver internationally to hundreds of digital retail outlets, physical retailers and cell phone carriers including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Google Music, emusic, Rhapsody, Cricket / Muve Music, 7Digital, AT&T and Verizon. As new retailers and services are added to our network, your releases are automatically delivered to them automatically with no added fees.

Release as many titles as you wish without paying additional fees per release. Our UPC and ISRC codes are free; and there are no Annual renewal fees!

Distribute what you choose including Albums, Singles, Cover Songs, Ringtones, Videos, Multi-track EP’s, Back Catalog Titles and Live Recordings.

Your Label’s Account Dashboard gives you access to a massive amount of data including the Retailer, Country, Format and Dates when your music sold. This is extremely beneficial to coordinate with the Marketing and Public Relations you are doing to support your releases and allows you to see exactly where your efforts are paying off.

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Peter Hook – Hacienda Records UK Peter Hook and The Light, FreebassMan Ray – Bassist and founding member of Joy Division, New Order, Revenge, Monaco, Man Ray & Peter Hook and The Light

Tim Halperin – American Idol finalist

Scott HoyingPentatonix

Mitch GrassiPentatonix

Ricky Dillon – YouTube Personality

Josh Weathers Band – Bluesy rocking blue-eyed soul

Rabbit in the Moon

In A Circle Records – Brooklyn Rider,  Yo-Yo Ma, The Knights

The Estate of Stuart Sutcliffe (original fifth member of The Beatles) – CMG Worldwide

PONK Media – GG Allin, Sleepy LaBeef, Tiny Tim, Wedgepiece, Indian Recordings, Duane Peters Gunfight

Doodlin’ Records – Chester ThompsonJoey DefrancescoRhoda ScottPat BianchiDoodlin’ Lounge

Helisek Music Publishing – Tim Helisek, Helisek Ringtones

Them Goods – Jon Julio, legendary Inline Street Skater and his film Valo 4 Life

Red Room Recordings – John Wesley – Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Fish

Tesco Distribution Germany – Death In June, Der Blutharsch, Of The Wand And The Moon, Bain Wolfkind, 6Comm, Blood Axis, Derniere Volonte, Hau Ruck, WKN, S.P.K.

Stepping Out Studio – eBandNetworksMixingtraxDancethreads Online

Music Host Network

Spread The Metal Records – (Canada) – Edge of Attack, Fallen Joy, Answer With Metal

Stereokill Recordings

Think 2wice Records

Destroy All Concepts – Dub Gabriel, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.)  David J (Bauhaus), Master Musicians of Jajouka

Aboriginal Recordings – Goatika Creative Labs, Secret Vibes, Suduaya

KATORZA Records – Maelstrom, The Beat Police, Shila’s Bedroom Fashion

Max Q

Simon Wilcox

The Killdares

Rigor Mortis

Paco Estrada & SouthFM

Mike Crawford and His Secret Siblings

Time Zone International – No Phear, Csavi

Boomarm Nation – Gulls, Sound People, Paper/Upper/Cuts.

DASK Entertainment

micheal CASTALDO

Fan Corps Digital Distribution

Blitz Studios – DJ Dharma Kaya, Vibe Tribe, Ananda Shake, Fungus Funk, Artsense

Intransitive Recordings – Howard Stelzer, Bernhard Gal, Lethe, Nmperign, Roel Meelkop, Jim Haynes, Seht

Hartless Hind Records – Up End Atom – A Tribute to Atom and His Package

Sorry State Records – KoroCross Laws

AX Records – Robbing HoodLefthandpath, Fryk and the Blimperialists, Biomech, Maria Stenberg, EC

Black Thirteen Recording Company – Hanukkah Gone Metal, Gods Of Fire

Lost Toys Records – Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra

Louis Yoelin – Above Envy

Sleep Aid Records – Water, Rain, River Bend, Train

Mekka Records – AuditoriumLegatto Stacatto, The Gita, Joran SlaneRebekah Pulley

Noi Records – Adrian Rhen

Raised By Robots Records – Raised By Robots

Primo Ego – Therapeutic Chokehold

Itchy Roof re-k&rds’ – TONNLICE

CITRUS – Magadog

Fumiko Records – Robert Wegman

Sportatorium Recordings – Humbert

Dianjen Media (Trinidad & Tobago)