Peter Hook – Hacienda Records UK Peter Hook and The Light, FreebassMan Ray – Bassist and founding member of Joy Division, New Order, Revenge, Monaco, Man Ray & Peter Hook and The Light

Tim Halperin – American Idol finalist

Scott HoyingPentatonix

Mitch GrassiPentatonix

Ricky Dillon – YouTube Personality

Josh Weathers Band – Bluesy rocking blue-eyed soul

Rabbit in the Moon

In A Circle Records – Brooklyn Rider,  Yo-Yo Ma, The Knights

The Estate of Stuart Sutcliffe (original fifth member of The Beatles) – CMG Worldwide

PONK Media – GG Allin, Sleepy LaBeef, Tiny Tim, Wedgepiece, Indian Recordings, Duane Peters Gunfight

Doodlin’ Records – Chester ThompsonJoey DefrancescoRhoda ScottPat BianchiDoodlin’ Lounge

Helisek Music Publishing – Tim Helisek, Helisek Ringtones

Them Goods – Jon Julio, legendary Inline Street Skater and his film Valo 4 Life

Red Room Recordings – John Wesley – Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Fish

Tesco Distribution Germany – Death In June, Der Blutharsch, Of The Wand And The Moon, Bain Wolfkind, 6Comm, Blood Axis, Derniere Volonte, Hau Ruck, WKN, S.P.K.

Stepping Out Studio – eBandNetworksMixingtraxDancethreads Online

Music Host Network

Spread The Metal Records – (Canada) – Edge of Attack, Fallen Joy, Answer With Metal

Stereokill Recordings

Think 2wice Records

Destroy All Concepts – Dub Gabriel, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.)  David J (Bauhaus), Master Musicians of Jajouka

Aboriginal Recordings – Goatika Creative Labs, Secret Vibes, Suduaya

KATORZA Records – Maelstrom, The Beat Police, Shila’s Bedroom Fashion

Max Q

Simon Wilcox

The Killdares

Rigor Mortis

Paco Estrada & SouthFM

Mike Crawford and His Secret Siblings

Time Zone International – No Phear, Csavi

Boomarm Nation – Gulls, Sound People, Paper/Upper/Cuts.

DASK Entertainment

micheal CASTALDO

Fan Corps Digital Distribution

Blitz Studios – DJ Dharma Kaya, Vibe Tribe, Ananda Shake, Fungus Funk, Artsense

Intransitive Recordings – Howard Stelzer, Bernhard Gal, Lethe, Nmperign, Roel Meelkop, Jim Haynes, Seht

Hartless Hind Records – Up End Atom – A Tribute to Atom and His Package

Sorry State Records – KoroCross Laws

AX Records – Robbing HoodLefthandpath, Fryk and the Blimperialists, Biomech, Maria Stenberg, EC

Black Thirteen Recording Company – Hanukkah Gone Metal, Gods Of Fire

Lost Toys Records – Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra

Louis Yoelin – Above Envy

Sleep Aid Records – Water, Rain, River Bend, Train

Mekka Records – AuditoriumLegatto Stacatto, The Gita, Joran SlaneRebekah Pulley

Noi Records – Adrian Rhen

Raised By Robots Records – Raised By Robots

Primo Ego – Therapeutic Chokehold

Itchy Roof re-k&rds’ – TONNLICE

CITRUS – Magadog

Fumiko Records – Robert Wegman

Sportatorium Recordings – Humbert

Dianjen Media (Trinidad & Tobago)