Pink Lincolns
Ladies and Gentlemen, From Tampa, FL we present the not so Pretty in Pink legendary long lived punk band Pink Lincolns!
From 1987’s legendary “Back From The Pink Room” to 2005’s trashy “No Lo Siento” these punk rock veterans have assaulted ears and influenced countless contemporaries. Pink Lincolns’ live shows are an exemplary event of sneering and sarcastic wit layered over wailing guitars and driving beats. After over 25 years of making rollicking punk rock history, YINZ is Pink Lincolns’ first proper LIVE album, bringing their special blend of punk and mayhem to the masses.
Formed during the mid-eighties, vocalist Chris Barrows and guitarist Dorsey Martin have crawled their way up through the punk rock world with their own brand of spit in your face humor and a revolving door of backing players. Recorded live at Pittsburg’s infamous 31st Street Pub on April 21st 2005, this line up features bassist Kevin Coss and drummer Jeff Fox.
Frequently lumped into the pop punk category, fans identify Pink Lincolns as Hardcore. Given Barrows’ unscripted stage antics, Martin’s speedy technical riffs and the band’s famously insane rowdy raucous shows, the hardcore label truly fits.
Pink Lincolns thrived throughout the late 80′s and 90′s Punk Rock movement, releasing 5 LPs and 6 EPs, splits with Screeching Weasel, The Queers and Submachine, and have appeared on over 20 compilations from labels like Lookout, Stiff Pole and Choking Hazard. The cover art for their album Suck and Bloat features hand drawn original artwork from Iggy Pop and the album Pure Swank was produced by Bill Stevenson of The Descendents.