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Mashup Producer Melodysheep Signs With Talent Agency WME

Boswell first rose to digital prominence in 2009, when he created “A Glorious Dawn,” which auto-tunes famous astrophysicists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking to create an oddly catchy musical number. “A Glorious Dawn,” along with the other chapters in Boswell’s Symphony of Science series, has become an unlikely tool for educators.

In recent years, Boswell has also teamed up with a number of media companies to produce memorable tracks. He promoted a National Geographic TV special with a track called “Window on the Universe,” turned Disney Channel shows into music in a series of “DJ Melodies,” and, most successfully, scored tens of millions of views with an assortment of remixes created in partnership with PBS. Here’s the most popular one, which puts a new spin of Mister Rogers Neighborhood:

Through his partnership with WME, Boswell will be able to find more brand partners to work with while also exploring additional opportunities across multiple platforms. He will continue to be represented by SMGSB.

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