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Learn How To Play New Order’s “Ceremony” From Peter Hook



In this video, original bass player & founding member of New Order, Peter Hook, shows you to play the bassline to the band’s first single, “Ceremony”

“Ceremony” forms part of Peter Hook & The Light‘s new live set in which he & his band will perform New Order’s first two albums ‘Movement’ and ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ live, alongside all the relevant singles & B-sides.

2013 tour dates have been announced for North America, Latin America, the UK & Ireland – check out all the dates at

Also of note, “1102 / 2011” the debut EP from Peter Hook’s The Light will be released for the 1st time on vinyl September 24th via Custom Made Music. Recorded by the band and Rowetta, the EP features the first ever recording of a previously unfinished Joy Division track “Pictures In My Mind” with vocals by Peter Hook and three tracks which highlight Rowetta’s unique vocal treatments of “Insight”, “New Dawn Fades” and “Atmosphere”.

Currently available Digitally and on an Expanded Edition 10 track CD, the Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl is available for pre-order now.

“Pictures In My Mind” was unearthed by the band’s “bootleg society” from a rehearsal tape stolen in 1977, setting it between Warsaw and Unknown Pleasures. The track was first performed by The Light at the opening night of The Factory in February 2010 with Hooky mindful of Ian Curtis’ maxim that once started a song should always be finished up, he takes the vocal himself to wrap up the track.

Having performed with the band consistently since 2007 at events such as Versus Cancer, 1234 Festival, Vintage and The Factory gigs, The EP features The Light’s habitual guest vocalist Rowetta, across three of the classic Joy Division tracks which she has been consistently singing live with the band, “Insight, “New Dawn Fades” and “Atmosphere”.

Track listing

1 “Pictures In My Mind” (vocals by Peter Hook)
2“Insight”, (vocals by Rowetta)
3.“New Dawn Fades” (vocals by Rowetta)
4.“Atmosphere” (vocals by Rowetta)

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Tim Halperin Performs With Ben Folds To Honor The Legacy Of Kidd Kraddick

Ben Folds with Tim Halperin at Kidd Kraddick's public memorial.

Ben Folds with Tim Halperin at Kidd Kraddick’s public memorial.

Tim Halperin recorded and released a version of Ben Folds song “The Luckiest” in memory of his dear friend and mentor, syndicated morning radio show host Kidd Kraddick, who recently passed unexpectedly. Kraddick was at a golf event in New Orleans to benefit his charity Kidd’s Kids, which helps families with terminally ill or physically challenged children to leave behind hospitals and treatment centers to share laughter and fun in a magical environment. It’s the goal of the Kraddick Foundation to provide these children and families with experiences that will help change their lives, like a fantasy-filled vacation for the kids and their families to Walt Disney World!

“The Luckiest” was Kraddick’s favorite Folds track, so much that he had the musical notes and lyrics tattooed on his body! In a synchronistic turn of events, at a concert event honoring Kraddick’s legacy, Halperin got to share the stage with his hero, Ben Folds! Even though he no longer walks the Earth, Kid Kraddick’s love continues to shine down and bring people together.

“Keep Lookin’ Up, ‘Cuz That’s Where It All Is!” – Kidd Kraddick

WATCH: Tim Halperin – The Luckiest

WATCH: Tribute to Kidd Kraddick – Featuring Ben Folds, Tim Halperin, Caroline Cradick and more

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