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Car Bomb Driver – Evacuate
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Car Bomb Driver — Evacuate
Release date : Oct. 09, 2007
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. Chop 'Em Up
  2. Donuts
  3. Balls on the Outside
  4. Brookwood Girls
  5. Chicks Don't Dig Me
  6. $20 Date
  7. Electric Sheila
  8. Beer Drinker
  9. 25 Cents
  10. 6
  11. Celica GT
  12. Sympathy Hug
  13. Fist of Love
  14. Short Bus Baby


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The Bay Area’s Best Punk Band

What could possibly be more punk? Five guys getting together after work to swill beer and blast out smart, brash, uncompromising tuneage, serving up a sonic bitch-slap to the Xeroxed new-school and the extreme lifestyle trendsuckers. Tight yet frenzied backbeat, TSOL meets Ramones riffing, loopy pentatonic bass runs, and ya got Dave Reeder spewing some of the brightest dumb irony available whilst careening like a methed-up dervish disguised as a pedophile marriage counselor from Hungary.