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Daddy Lion – Self Titled EP
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Daddy Lion — Self Titled EP
Release date : Aug. 10, 2010
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. Divine
  2. Falling to Pieces (through with you)
  3. Just Die Young
  4. Morning
  5. Appearance
  6. Tomorrow


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Washington, DC’s Daddy Lion takes fuzzy indie rock and splits it between insatiable pop hooks, unusual time keys and sparkling harmonies. With a fantastic timelessness mining the past 30 years of pop influences, Daddy Lion handles classic rock/ blues type progressions, acoustic introspection and even a brief bout with synth electronic elements. Featuring six memorable moody rockers, the songs on their debut EP cover fragile subjects, but never bog down with sadness. Written, recorded and performed by a twenty-something in his bedroom, this is as DIY as it gets.

FOR FANS OF: Modest Mouse, Deerhunter, Husker Du, Sonic Youth, TV on the Radio, Surfer Blood, The Soft Pack

“A pleasant surprise… hearty, fuzzy guitar-rock, full of introspective and tortured travelogues, breakdowns and reminisces.” –

“Daddy Lion is packed with great emotions, and with them is a band that shows great promise.” – Fensepost

“One of DC’s most exciting up-and-coming bands.” – An Ocean Of Noise

“Washington, DC’s Daddy Lion has got it right.” – Impressionable Youth