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Faint – Rosewater Elizabeth
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Rosewater Elizabeth — Faint
Release date : Sept. 01, 1994
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. a cloud hides the moon
  2. cease
  3. majestic times
  4. red hair whisper
  5. it swallows me whole
  6. horizon
  7. om
  8. alas


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Enchanting as the alluring song of the Sirens, you get a sense you are being allowed a clandestine look at the sublime; unpretentious and emotionally
direct. Textured, dramatic and entrancing, this is beautifully passionate ethereal music.

Produced by George Harris and rosewater elizabeth

Recorded at Panda Productions, Clearwater, FL except “alas” recorded on 4-track at Dead Passion home studio with additional production mix at Panda productions

Mastered by Mike Fuller at Fuller Sound, Miami, FL

c. 1994. Published by like a collapse, BMI. All rights reserved