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Freebass Redesign EP – Fritz von Runte
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Fritz von Runte — Freebass Redesign EP
Release date : Oct. 10, 2010
Label : 24 Hour Service Station


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24 Hour Service Station / Hacienda Records UK
audio.63 / HAC 6

The four tracks that comprise this EP are included on the US Bonus Disc of the Freebass double CD It’s A Beautiful Life, and were originally released digitally.

You Don’t Know (This About Me) [Fritz von Runte 33 Redesign], is a homage to New Order, with re-arrangements loosely inspired by their very first single, Ceremony (FAC 33).

Manchester based Fritz von Runte, has been working with music for almost 20 years. He began as a professional DJ in the early nineties, releasing his first record in 1996 and playing Ibiza in 1998.

He’s also a prolific remixer, working with 808 State, Lily Allen, Soundgarden, Gina Cutillo and The Sisters of Transistors. His 2006 remix project, The Beatles HATE, released alongside The BeatlesLOVE as a protest against the Iraq war, has had over 18 million downloads. His collaboration with Lily Allen, the internet only album REMIXED, was the most (legally) downloaded remix album of 2009.

More recently, von Runte has mixed Freebass for his Redesign series. As he is a long-time fan of New Order, The Smiths and Primal Scream, it was a labor of love. One of the mixes, “You Don’t Know (This About Me) [Fritz von Runte 33 Redesign]”, is a homage to New Order, with re-arrangements loosely inspired by their very first single, “Ceremony” (Fac 33). The pun isn’t lost on Fritz, who is 33 years old.

“Remixing Freebass was a dream come true. Hearing Rourke’s rhythm guitar, Mani’s dirty bass and Hooky’s melodies in my studio was a great thrill” says von Runte.

Fritz’ latest project is his biggest so far. Big in size, ambition and quality – modesty aside. It’s a compilation of brand new versions of classic Bowie tracks, in many different flavors – even reggae! It is also a mixpiece, with all these new versions and some other surprises mixed together, non-stop, creating an exquisite atmosphere. And finally, it’s a movie, a re-edited version of Kubrick’s 2001, that inspired those remixes, with the mixpiece synchronized to it.

It’s confusing I know. Check out more here – BOWIE 2001