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Freebass – Two Worlds Collide EP
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Freebass — Two Worlds Collide EP
Release date : Aug. 10, 2010
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. Intro
  2. You Don't Know This About Me feat. Tim Burgess of Charlatans UK
  3. The Milky Way Is Our Playground feat. Pete Wylie of The Mighty Wah!
  4. Dark Starr feat. Howard Marks AKA Mr Nice
  5. Live Tomorrow You Go Down feat. Peter Hook
  6. Thats Life


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24 Hour Service Station / Hacienda Records UK
audio.51 / HAC 2

The second release from legendary Joy Division & New Order bassist Peter Hook’s new label, Haçienda Records UK is the long awaited, much anticipated and often rumored debut Freebass EP.

Peter Hook (bass) – New Order & Joy Division
Andy Rourke (guitar) – The Smiths
Gary Mounfield (bass) – The Stone Roses & Primal Scream
Nat Wason (guitar)
Phil Murphy (keyboards & programming) – Man Ray
Paul Kehoe (drums)

Two Worlds Collide brings together famous guest vocalists including Tim Burgess (Charlatans UK), Pete Wylie (The Mighty Wah!), Howard Marks (Mr Nice) and band mainstay Peter Hook across the EPs six tracks.

Freebass, originally born out of a conversation between Mancunian bass legends Mani, Hooky and Rourkie some five years ago has been through a long gestation process, with Hooky originally auditioning vocalists like an “indie Simon Cowell.” Finding the right lead singer originally proved arduous so Mani suggested that the band approached their famous friends to contribute vocals with Howard, Tim and Pete all responding to the call.

Opening the EP is Tim Burgess’ contribution, “You Don’t Know This About Me”, a melodic & dramatically epic tune. A bass line reminiscent of New Order’s first single “Ceremony” surrounds Tim’s vocal, which he wrote and recorded from his home in LA. An Arthur Baker remix of the track was featured to promote the show Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, which replaced Larry King Live.

The EP takes its first turn into the surreal with “The Milky Way Is Our Playground”. Pete Wylie takes on lead vocal duties for an anthemic journey into poetic & euphoric space rock. Elegantly drilled basses and a lolloping invitation to groove allow Pete to reflect on the universe with his star-struck cerebral lyrics first inspired by a Sunday Times article on space travel.

Howard Marks, AKA raconteur & beatnik Mr. Nice, delivers a sterling monologue on “Dark Starr.” Its driving, enveloping bass line spins off into a dark grungy piece of rock and roll mischief. As Howard raps about Merlin, the light of Lucifer and playful pagan matters, his one take vocal adds considerable depth & panache to an already stand out track.

The final song “Live Tomorrow You Go Down,” finds Hooky growling his way through a pulsating dance track whose raved-up bass line, crunching beats & Giorgio Moroder-esque electro flourishes closes the EP with a punkish techno vibe.

“I think Freebass is a great band for bass players, a great concept no-one else has done, and there are three really strong characters there that’ve all played in extremely brilliant bands.” – Tim Burgess of Charlatans UK

“People should realize we’re not trying to emulate New Order, The Roses, Primal Scream, or The Smiths, we’re just into it for what we do and to have a good time with it.” – Gary Mounfield of The Stone Roses / Primal Scream