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A Brief History Of – Win Win Winter
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Win Win Winter — A Brief History Of
Release date : Mar. 18, 2008
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. Baker Ave.
  2. We Came From Stereos
  3. New Accents
  4. Doves and Uppercuts
  5. Exit Rows


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These song infiltrate your brain like tunes you’ve sure you’ve heard somewhere before, but just can’t place. Timeless! With influences diverse: Beck, the Beatles, Wilco, Pink Floyd, My Morning Jacket, and even DC post-punk, Win Win Winter is clearly a band with a bright and promising future. The true test is how a band pulls these influences together and creates something that rises above. Something new. Something fresh. Something that doesn’t just fade into the background as soon as it’s done. The five songs they’ve chosen for this EP document that Win Win Winter have admirably succeeded where countless others have failed. The proof’s all there in the EP. Only five songs but what an impact they’ll have once you give a listen. “Baker Ave.” starts it off with a bouncy blues riff that immediately grabs your attention and holds it. “We Came From Stereos” takes things down a notch into pop/rock territory. The magnum opus of “Brief History,” though, is the devastating and haunting “Doves & Uppercuts,” a song about a family dealing with the tragic loss of one of their young sons.

* The sounds of Win Win Winter are inviting and invigorating and their music leaves the listener with a good understanding that this is a band that means business. – Epinions

* “Exit Rows” captivates you immediately with a building synth and easing into a bit of bluesy guitar, the track perfectly exemplifies the balance of experimentalism and classicism – Performer

* With each song, Win Win Winter demonstrates they’re a capable band that can only get better with age and experience and will fully placate any cynical ear looking for something new. – AMPED