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Kites With Lights – Cosmonauts
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Kites With Lights — Cosmonauts
Release date : Aug. 09, 2011
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. Cosmonauts
  2. This Stuff
  3. Before I Go Away
  4. Strange
  5. It's True
  6. The Lonely Night
  7. Next Time
  8. Balanced On Air


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Kites With Lights “Cosmonauts” combines dreamy melodies & dance floor ready beats creating thoughtful indie electro pop.

FOR FANS OF: New Order, Cut Copy, Human League, Junior Boys.

Blending Synth Pop sonics with Dream Pop ideals, Kites With Lights melds 80’s New Wave with 90’s Shoegaze using 21st century technology to create songs with a clean & clear aesthetic: Electro Pop with a purpose. A focused extension of 2009’s “The Weight of Your Heart” EP, the modern construct of “Cosmonauts” finds a place where Dream Pop becomes the soundtrack for a blissed out dance floor, a rainy introspective day at home or a late night drive with heads bopping to the beat. Soar to the stratosphere of your ear with “Cosmonauts”.

* The album is a focused extension of The Weight Of Your Heart EP and looks to find a place where dream pop songs fill the dance floor.

* Jonah Cordy’s songwriting style and production values continue to receive praise from fans of the genre.

“To put it simply, this album is made for the nightlife of whatever metropolitan area you happen to live in. It’s a full-on, no-holds-barred dance record. It’s meant to come out of the speakers at a dimly lit room with purple strobe lighting and a DJ at the front.” — Joe Marvilli, Consequence of Sound

“A great understated voice that is a perfect fit for this style of music. Nice, memorable, smooth stuff.” — babysue

“The overall result is stunningly familiar and warmly comfortable without ever seeming contrived or derivative.” — The Ripple Effect

“Every cut’s refrains and melodies are seductive, mysterious, gentle while pulsey, and infectiously driving.” — FAME

Kites With Lights takes what was best of the electronic music of the 80s and adds in what makes the new trend of electronic pop exciting to listen to today.” — Randomville