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Kites With Lights – The Weight Of Your Heart EP
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Kites With Lights — The Weight Of Your Heart EP
Release date : Aug. 11, 2009
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. The Weight Of Your Heart
  2. A Mystery
  3. We're Ready
  4. The Space
  5. Sound Of The Rain


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The debut E.P. from Kites With Lights is packed with Electro Pop gems that float between dance floor dreams and rainy day delights.

FOR FANS OF: Junior Boys, New Order, Cut Copy, OMD, Radio Dept. & Electro Pop.

Written, produced, recorded and mixed by Jonah Cordy
Mastered by Andreas Andersson

Kites With Lights is Electro Pop for a rainy day, a blissed out dance floor or a late night drive. You notice these subtle moments and pack them away for a smile or a tear. The remarkable thing about Kites With Lights is you can sense that each song is longing to fill time. Timeless is the key to a Kites With Lights tune: A clean and clear aesthetic: Electro Pop with a purpose. “Before I Go Away,” one of the most beautiful and powerful synthpop songs ever heard, is up there with “Dreams Of Leaving” by The Human League, “Down In The Park” by Gary Numan, or “If You Were Here” by Thompson Twins. It’s an expanding feeling and there is a recipe hidden within. Kites With Lights incorporate looking up and staring down, a dramatic curve where raindrops equal dance beats, past love equals whispery vocals… And somehow you feel that the film in your dreams finally has a soundtrack.

“The most beautiful and powerful synthpop we’ve ever heard”
—Electronic Sub South

“Filled with sweeping, lush, and pristine sugar coated pop nuggets that are a complete rush to the head”
—First Coast News