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On The Edges
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Kites With Lights — On The Edges
Release date : Oct. 07, 2014
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. On The Edges
  2. Glowing
  3. Ghost Voices
  4. Breakin' Down
  5. Holding Hearts
  6. Meeting Places
  7. Size The Future
  8. Love, Was There Ever Any?
  9. Race To The Other Side
  10. So Long Today


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Fans of Synth Pop, Dream Pop and Nu gaze will swoon as walls of synth sway to a dance beat and bleep with the sad speak.

Kites With Lights combines soft vocals and synth beats to yield fuzzy pop songs that call on you to reminisce, sometimes with hope and other times with desire. On the Edges renders an urgent wall of synth production while crafting delicate yet intense songs for the listener. Blending Synth Pop sonics with Dream Pop ideals, Kites With Lights melds 80’s New Wave with 90’s Shoegaze using 21st century technology. Hatching songs for the tragic romantics out there who need to dance and sing. At times dark and brooding, you’ll find you need the lows to feel the highs that Kites With Lights delivers with On The Edges.

“If there’s a heaven, and if John Hughes is up there still making movies, the earth-bound dance pop group Kites With Lights would be an ideal candidate to score Hughes’ ethereal soundtracks.” PopMatters

“Electronic beats and fiercely bubbling Moroder-esque synths show that Kites With Lights crafts some unique sounds.” Kev, The Sound Of Confusion

“A great understated voice that is a perfect fit for this style of music. Nice, memorable, smooth stuff.” babysue