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Thread-Easy Reel – Mosley
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Mosley — Thread-Easy Reel
Release date : Nov. 12, 2008
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. Mars Vacation
  2. Persian Monkey's Feet
  3. Your Raft, My River
  4. On a String
  5. One More Suck...
  6. She's Like a Wave
  7. Nickel Love
  8. Kiss My Goat
  9. Plastic Thoughts
  10. Charmo
  11. Wagon in Hawaii
  12. Doomsday Trip
  13. Mars Vacation 2


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The album the world has been waiting for. Melding the pop of the Beach Boys with the sonic experimentation of Beck and early Flaming Lips, Mosley create songs that stick in your head like sonic bubblegum. Pop music structured atop of a beautiful lo-fi racket. Records of this caliber are few and far between.

Produced & Engineered by Mosley

Recorded 1996 on 4 Track and 8 Track

c. 1997. published by Redsac Music / 24 Hour Service Station publishing, BMI. all rights reserved

Mosley wishes to thank all of their friends and family for their support.