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XOXO – C’est La Vie EP
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XOXO — C'est La Vie EP
Release date : Mar. 18, 2008
Label : 24 Hour Service Station
  1. Fly Superman, Fly
  2. Done and Done
  3. The Dissociative Fugue
  4. Life... In General
  5. A Song for the Reminiscent
  6. Shut Up and Dance
  7. Merry Times


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A WARNING ABOUT XOXO: This band should NOT be listened to unless you want to feel better then you did before you hit play. A perfect blend of danceable, grungy, timeless, indie pop & heartfelt coming-of age lyrics, you can’t help falling in love with XOXO, quickly becoming one of Orlando’s prominent break out acts. Since playing SXSW, XOXO have been wooing audiences across America. Their ultra hummable toe tapping debut EP “C’est La Vie” is chock full of Moog injected anthems including “The Dissociative Fugue” & “Merry Times”.

“A short little EP (only 25 minutes long) full of playful melodic pop. We rarely review EPs…and only in cases when the music is really exception. This disc most certainly falls into that category. C’est la Vie features some fantastic pop tunes presented simply without unnecessary fanfare. The vocals are particularly appealing…and the arrangements are kept to a bare minimum which allows the listener to concentrate on the vocal melodies and lyrics. Seven killer tracks here including “Fly Superman Fly,” “Done and Done,” “A Song for the Reminiscent,” and “Merry Times.” TOP PICK –