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Are there any upfront fees to join 24 Hour Distribution?

No, 24 Hour distribution Joining is completely free, service costs are agreed on a monthly or quarterly according to the need for the label.

Customer Service ?

Yes, Often times, we hear that many record labels and artists are disgruntled with other companies and that they are not getting straight answer and on time. With us, you will get a reply within 24 hours (excluding weekends of course) and we will always set the right expectation.

Do you have different distribution fees?

No, we have one flat distribution fee that sits in the middle of the market standard. Some companies charge far more than us.

Estimated Royalty Posting & Payment Dates:

Q1: May 15-30 / Q2: August 15-30 / Q3: November 15-30 / Q4: February 15-28.

How can I get an update as to how my label is selling?

In your account you can see real time sales with the amount of sales (not the money collected) these statistics are approximate, The sales showed are GROSS before our fees, store fees, voided transactions, mechanical withholding’s, and any additional processing fees and are only from retailer partners that report the sales. No distribution company is able to provide actual sales data for each and every partner out there on a daily or even weekly basis simply because not all partners provide the information for distribution companies to be able to pass down to you. Some stores work with 1, 2 and several with 3 months of delay, and what you sell will be reflected in the next pay period.

How can I set the different prices for each release?

Every store apply and pays different amounts for the sale. In addition, each territory has different currencies so what is paid to us and then pays you will be different from the sale, the seller and the territory.

How come there is data missing on our reports?

Each store informs us different reports at different times. As a company we work with retailers to send us all the information within the deadlines. But each store is an independent company and we regret to report that they are not perfect, make mistakes (not frequent) but it is our duty to warn you that sometimes happen, our close relationship with the stores is focused on these bugs can happen and resolved as quickly as possible, but still no data in the report is that the store did not provide information which is sure to be delivered until the next quarter.

How do I upload our releases?

Upload Your files for our Web Content Platform.

How long before the stores content from appearing on these files should be sent?

We can get your releases online within 48-72 hours although it is highly recommended that you abide by the recommended 5 weeks lead time. Your first release may take longer due to the time in which it takes stores and services to review your label. It is always recommended 5 weeks for your release.

I know I have sold something, why is my account still showing $0?

There are several reasons for this. One is that his music could not have achieved the threshold of sales of a particular store. The other reason is that some stores will not have sent us reports or payments due to delays or problems of the stores. Another reason that many shops are charged with a quarter lag, that is what sold this quarter will be reflected in the report and paid until next quarter.

Method of payments?

Payments will be sent through Wire Transfer, Paypal and Western Union/Money Gram.

My friend downloaded my song yesterday – when do I see that in my report?

Unfortunately, partners stores report the sales to us 30-45 days after a quarter ends and we are only provided with sales estimates for some partners thus, you may see the sale when you receive the quarterly report. Keep in mind, if you are in the month of January and your song sold and/or was purchased by a friend in January, then you won’t see the sale until the Q1 report which is posted in May.

My releases be listed under my own label name on the stores?
Quarter Schedule:

Q1-Jan-Mar / Q2-Apr-Jun / Q3-Jul-Sept / Q4-Oct-Dec

Real time sales statistic?
What are Voided Transactions?

Voided transactions are songs that individuals choose to not buy, return, and/or are fraudulent transactions that were not valid to begin with. Retailers may show these on every statement and they automatically deducted from payments to record label partners and shown with a minus next to the NET to label amount.

What file formats do you accept?

AUDIO: WAV – AIFF – WMA – MP3 16 bits 44 Khz / ART WORK: JPG – 1440 X 1440 px.

What is Content Platform ?

Content Platform is the Web platform where you have complete control of their shipments to stores. To access this platform you will receive a login and password after signing a distribution agreement with 24 Hours Distribution.

What requirements should my label to work with 24 Hour Distribution?

Very easy , a unique name for your Label, a work plan for the first 3-6 months and website, myspace or soundcloud page for your label with an excellent graphics and performance.

When do I get paid for my music?

24 Hour Distribution will deliver the report of sale to all labels 30-45 days after a Quarter ends. If your sales reach the threshold that is listed in the agreement you can request payment and you will receive emails acknowledging your request followed by prompt payment. If your label does not reach that threshold, the amount will carry over to following quarter until you reach the threshold that was agreed upon.

When making payments?

The payments are quarterly.

Why a release / Track has a different price in the reports?

Each tent takes a commission from the sale of your release / track. Beatport takes 46% of each sale, example: If your track is sold at $1.99 beatport takes $ 0.89 (46%) as sales commission and $1.10 remains is for the label and distributor. Each store has different rates, juno takes 35%, 30% Itunes etc…

Why are there additional fees being deducted from my payment?

If we send the money through bank transfer or Western Union / Moneygram these companies deducted from a small fee for shipping costs. We do not charge shipping costs, these costs are charged by the companies responsible for performing this operation.

Why does it take 35-45 days to receive payment?

The reason it takes 30-45 days to pay record labels is because many retailers deliver the royalty statements 30+ days after a quarter thus, we need time to organize the data to appropriately format it for labels to claim. In addition, many retailers do not pay us until 45-60 days after a quarter ends making the royalty payouts slightly delayed at times. Many other distributors deal with the same time frame and some even take longer!.

Why release / tracks prices are different to the default platform?

Unfortunately, each store has its own set of pricing. In our platform we suggest a price, the final determination to respect the suggested retail price is finally determined by each store. 24  Hour Distribution has no control on prices posted in each store.