Man Ray - Peter Hook and Phil Murphy

Man Ray is Peter Hook and production partner Phil Murphy.

The first fruit of this partnership is the summer 88 EP, which finds the duo creating acid house tracks evoking the style & euphoria felt during that epic “Summer of Love” at The Haçienda nightclub. Revisiting the staple sounds of the period with a modern twist, the mates used analogue technology to recreate precisely the sounds belting through the summer of ’88. A mixture of classic Roland synths & drum machines were employed to simulate the early acid house vibes with samples only being used for sound effects, making both tracks feel naturally timeless.

The second Man Ray EP finds Joy Division & New Order bassist Peter Hook and Freebass keyboardist & multi-instrumentalist Phil Murphy blending Hooky’s trademark high range bass sound & his old school punk inflected chant with Murphy’s classic synths, guitars & drum machines to produce an instant classic. “Tokyo Joe” is presently the theme of the new Manchester, UK live music venue, The Factory, a night club established in the legendary Factory Records offices.

Future MAN RAY releases include a full length album & the soundtrack to an upcoming Hacienda documentary DVD.