Win Win Winter

One of the things I loved about the songs was the literary technique of juxtaposition, using the content of lyrics versus the mood and atmosphere of music to create counterpoint, “to share two emotions at the exact same time, you can do that with lyrics.” The example Simms used is a song entitled “Millions of A’s”, which is an epic ten minutes that ends with gigantic screaming over a twang country beat. Another is the gorgeous yet wrenching sound embraced in “Doves and Uppercuts”, while a lighter pop feel is realized in the inquisitive “We Came from Stereos”, “New Accents” is the song that lingered in hums on the tip of my tongue for days. “We’re into fidelities,” says Walker as Simms explains the feel of achieving Hi-fi and Lo-fi sounds by adding electronic phrases over live instrumentation. – Julie Martin / REAX Music Magazine