With deep roots in Florida, this energetic Orlando quintet is a mash up of the Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, and Weezer. The boys came together earlier this year and have been cranking out a slew of original material since. Their flawless renditions of funky indie-pop/rock tunes have dazzled audiences with their complex vocal harmonies and unique interplay between voice and instruments. An act not to be missed, you are sure to find yourself  moving when you listen to XOXO. Their new EP, “C’est La Vie,” features danceable songs like “Done and Done,” as well as hummable coming of age tales like, “Merry Times,” as well as the anthemic, “Life. . . In General.” These tunes do their best at giving us a glimpse into the breadth of XOXO’s song-writing ability, only hinting at what is yet to come.