Stellar Dream Pop:  A boy and his guitar – travelling across boundaries of space and time on undulating sonic waves… he is the last son of Jupiter. – Alternative Press

Where do they come from?

Presumably from another planet. Actually not “they,” Shoemaker Levy 9 is one person with several personalities that make up a unified collective and “they” hail from Houston, Texas.

What is all the fuss about?

The sheer brilliance of the music, recorded in secrecy, under beds, in closets, bathrooms, attics, even in God’s lovely woods. He takes the 4-track medium to extremes that are both unreal and unheard of in this “do it yourself” era of music. Comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, Seefeel & Spiritualized arise when one focuses on the effortless sonic bound breaking.

The songwriting?

Truly distinguishes the music of Shoemaker Levy 9 from that of his Lo-Fi cousins and puts the project in the realm of one man masters. The single “Cynthia” is a riveting tune, penned to soothe the pain of a friend’s childhood violation.